Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life as married girl

Time gone soo fast and i been married for 6 month. As wife, it no easy as what everyone think. A lot of people think i got married and no need to work but they are wrong..I still need to work to help my mum and my brother and sister study. As the eldest daughter in the family is no easy. As my dad, his company had bankrupt due of something personal problem..I don't want to know either. Now I settle down at Malacca..I still can take care of them..But I will move to other place one day..Soo is time for them to take care of themselves.I can't keep on taking of them forever cause now i got my own family to take care with..My husband..He take care of me, Loves me..Always support me for what i do..Never complain..Currently, oso busy with my job.. and oso a quite a number of modeling casting a kl, so as Photo Shooting at kl too.. Sometimes feel like i need a lot of rest..Really don't have enough rest..After back from work, go to gym then bath, eat, on9 then zzz.. Next day, wake up early..clean the house, then go to work..Everyday the same..haha..Saturday..Wake up..Clean hse, go to church,go kai kai then back. Sunday??sometimes rest..but need to do housework again..haii..Cause it seem like my house ppl don know how to clean the house..soo i have to clean the house to help my dad...NEVER CLEAN HOUSE..My brother n Sister lagi no nd to BOSS..MY HUBBY..SOMETIMES HELP..HAHA..JUST IMAGINE, NEXTIME WITHOUT ME AT THIS HOUSE..DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPEN..DON BOTHER TO KNOW..LAZY!!! My parent in law, they treat be very nice..they had treated me as their own daughter for this two year when i stay at sibu,sarawak. They are the best ever in law i ever had..haha..Now i need to know how to cook bfast,lunch and dinner for my cook b4..Now started learning.. Must be good wife mar..haha..Sooo this is my new life as wife..hehe..Still Go Clubbing..Oh yeah..Still go..haha...Never Miss.. lol

A new Beginning!!! Welcome Back Jessi Jane. Haa

GREETING & GENKI DESUKA to all of you . Happy can blog again..HaHa.It been quite sometimes after i end up my previous blog due of BUSY Working, Shooting, Event and also Preparing for my "BIG DAY". After rest for few month and here i am again.I am back with a new life. Currently, settle up at Malacca.Don't know will move to where again. Let's forget it 1st..muahaha!!! Miss my two little daughter SOO much, MM AND NANA...Mummy MISS YOU HERE ..Wish can bring them here..BUT mum don't like dog..Haiz~

Currently, Working at Malacca as Account Executive and also Freelance model..As usual, working alone at office..i'm the soo call boss.HAHA..Really mar..Cause i know more things then the boss..They know nothing just know how to talk rubbish..Don't care lar..most important money can come to me that all..haha... Anywhere..happy to b back as inactive blogger..When feel bored at office or home..Now i can spend my time on blogging... Muacks!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Trip To Kanowit

Today is a meaningful day to me, this is the first time i join the church trip to kanowit...we went together with 24 participants together with Father Connors...the destination to Kanowit is 1H 15M....Father given us a talk abt ST. Paul....Father reminds us that we r the slave of sin, by the law of the spirit, it will help us, no matter what difficulties that we face, we must believe that God is thr to help us n guide us, we must pray to the holy spirit, its a powerful weapon for us...we must not put Jesus in the church n didnt bring him back together with Father mentioned ' Johnny went to church every Sunday, but Monday he nearly go to hell...meaning? Johnny is a sunday christian, he is very close with Jesus on Sunday, after the mass he put Jesus in the church, i didnt bring him back, on Monday, he commit sin, cause of no Jesus in his heart, so he deserve hell..when i heard this, i refresh back that i knw i cant b bad temper, i knw that wat is rite n wrong, but i still commit it...i knw its a sin, but i'm always repeating it, n now i knw i must change all my bad attitude,i have to manage to control my temper...i cant stand my lady boss, but wat i can do is just pray to the holy spirit, n i believe everythg will b fine n smooth....Lord Jesus, thanks for arranged this trip to us, i really learned a we sing a lot of hymms...i really enjoy it, the most i enjoyed is we recite the rosary n sing in the bus..i can feel that Jesus n Mother Mary is with us

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hair Show By Boris & Brenda from Taipei, Taiwan

Yesterday 3/8/08, was my tiring day, i went to one of the saloon in Sibu, to meet up the taiwan hairstylist...they asked me to arrive at 1.30pm, i arrived 15min earlier....the Taiwan hairstylist Boris & Brenda reach at 3 smtg...i sit thr like stupid pig...(just kidding) cause i have no friend overthere...all local...i'm west malaysian as u guys no friend over here....but i nd to communicate wif them also seems we are one team...a bit scared at first...then i talked to them a bit bit lo....(u knw la smtg no topic to chat wif), i talked to one of the model (with a very long long hair) but they can't find any clothes that suit she can't participate in the show.From 15 gurl down to 12 gurl nia..So called like ANTM laminating.hahaha.then i'm alone again( Lonely..I'm Soo Lonely), no one to talk with..haiya, so frustrated...At first i was SoOo worry that i will b LaminatinG ( You're Fire) But..Who know, I been Choosen From PK..Haha..So Call One million star pulak.HeheHE...i'm glad and happy i have this great opportunity to let them change my hairstyle..i'm really proud....after they had our photoshoot, pick up clothes for us....then we straight away nd to dye our to dye 3 colours....i st in front the mirrors frm 5.30pm - goodness.Nevermind..It worth too..haha..They Are Funny and Friendly.. Philip come and wait outside. He talked to Brenda outside the Saloon..

Here the Photos Taken after color and long hair

My Veri first time i stayed in the saloon nearly 1 day....Then today i wake up at 6.48am..u knw y...(momo n nana lo) scratching at me ...wan food i waked up....then nd to go to work le...(tiring) no point la, if not they will gossip abt me...said can take leave easily, so i went to work nearly 1 hour + complete my job then i went back n prepared all my stuff.....then reach thr at 11am....then follow by face make up n clothes changing....3pm.....hohoho...Jessi going up to stage...a bit nervous...but thank God ,He is always with me....i tell myself to have self-confident...this is my first time ever experience...A lot from Different Saloon Came to the study the "New Product name MSK".This product had been experiment by Boris, and he found out a lot of good things owe by this newly product..Managed to met my friend husband, who was hair stylist and owner of the V image i do my best..I'm nt like other model that had a lot of experience but i try to do my best, b'cause i trust myself....Then after Meeting, Philip Managed to come and snap all the photos...He seat with his friends who was the hair stylist too.. Then Keep on snapping lor.. If not no photo to meet put here..hahaha.. After the Catwalk, take photo with the So call Hair stylist Student... . They did a execellence Hair Style..2nite they will flies to Penang for the next section with hair stylist at penang then KL and lastly Muar, Johor to talk about the new Product MSK.

Lastly, B4 go back home,Hug with Brenda and Boris and 2gother snap photo with both of them, they are My Superb Hair Stylist Ever and oso don't forget Flora, Boris Wife, she take k of us and the awesome dress for us.. Will go to visit them next year at Taipei.. :)

Me & Brenda

Boris & me

Me and Flora

Here Is their Hair Saloon Website :

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Work....Work...Hate My Job

Me.....BBjane..wat a "BORING DAY" 02/08/2008....
went for work this mrg...ntg to do in office...rather stay at home n sleep....hai...wat to do... i need my SALARY...although ntg to do have to find smtg to do lo..'pretend' lady boss very 'hao ming' if she feel like dun wan go to work then no nd go, can take leave wan...she's nt a director ..she's a employee same as me...u knw wat...she go to work on afternoon only...mrg at the hse & etc...afternoon once she reach office ...she sleep at her cushion sofa until 2.00pm.....then will ask me...'jessi....u help me to do this wan...that wan....bla bla ....bla...haiyo, i cant stand her sometimes...Her husband also...very 'fan'...tell me to do this n that...even their personal credit card n hse loan i nd to remind n issue cheque for them...they thought i'm a computer....both of them always quarrel in front of acting drama...his wife just a one time one of the company director ask me whr is the lady boss...i said nt yet that time nearly 11.00am....Then director face look mad, his wife very free wan.If she dun wan come no nd come la...if i take leave all office stuff will messy, cause she dun knw whr i put..then keep on call tiring....ppl go holiday then she keep on call...'nt a holiday' anymore...when in the office, so lazy some of the office stuff she nd to follow up, but she ignore it...everythg throw to me...if i do wrong she laugh at me i'm counting days...end of december i will b free...but my hubby ask me to take the ang pow first b4 i resign, cause i deserve it, since i work so hard for them...wat u guys thk??take ang pow or nt to take?if work until jan is only 2 until 15 jan lo...stand for anther 2 week??or stop in dec???still under consideration....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I |uv GoSS!p GuRL

I just finished watching Gossip Girl. The Drama was Awesome.. Can't wait for next Season on 1th September 2008

Based on the popular book series of the same name, this drama gives viewers a peek into the world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City. The story is written by The O.C.'s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and directed by Mark Piznarski who has worked on series like Everwood and Veronica Mars.

Surface's Leighton Meester and Accepted's Blake Lively have taken the lead roles in this drama series. They will play Blair and Serena respectively, rich Manhattan rivals at a private school in New York. The last additions to this new CW drama are Misconceptions Taylor Momsen, The Covenant's Chace Crawford and The Bedford Diaries's Penn Badgley. Their characters are Momsen as Jenny a 14 year-old and shy girl, Nate the good looking boyfriend of Blair, and Dan the secret admirer of Serena.

E-Ring's Kelly Rutherford and The Jury's has been cast as the mother of lead role Serena. Rutherford will play the mother of Serena van der Woodsen (Lively's character), a former ballerina and rock groupie. Afterlife's Ed Westwick has been cast as Chuck Bass and Brothers and Sisters' Matthew Settle has been cast as Jenny and Dan's father, Rufus Humphrey.

(FROM LEFT : BlAiR, JenNy & SeReNA)

(FrOm LeFt : NAte, ChuCk & DAn HuMpHrEY)


GDP C|oth!nG

oN 1St SePtEmBer 2008

Summer in the Hamptons!! In the second season premiere, our favourite Upper East Siders endure the Summer heat in the Hamptons. During the trip in the Hamptons, Blair meets a charming new boy hoping to make Chuck jealous, Nate gets involved in a steamy relationship and Serena questions her past relationship with Dan. Meanwhile on the other side of town, Dan gets a job at a local library. Though things don't go according to plan.

sTay TuNe To WaTCh it.


GosS!p GiR| SeSS!oN 1 R AvAi|abLe At ThE StoRE ;


Thursday, July 24, 2008

My KuCh!Ng TrIp

Been to Kuching for the holiday for me while my fiance went for business trip..Had the Great time there and shopping too.. Our flight from Sibu at around 11.35am and arrive kch at 12.15pm. we had our b'fast at in flight. He order Roti Jala while i order Ham Sandwich.. the Food was Damn nice..haha..Arrive at airport, Edgar pick us up.He was my other half Best Friend.He bring us around during our trip at kuching. Around 8.30pm, my FSL arrive at Kuching by bus and join us. Next day, we go for shopping..haha..since Mega Sale, Even Thought no as Big at KL..but okie lar.. Then had the Dinner at Hornbill BBQ/Steamboat, while we order our drink suddenly some incident happen. One of the GAS suddenly Burn..EVERYONE RUN.. Luckily the worker quickly turn the Fire down..If not.. Like BOMB!!! will happen cause a few GAS was thr. Then plan to go to clubbing but everyone lazy liao..Soo back to hotel and pack some of our stuff cause tomorrow will go back to Sibu... Next day, go to Wisma Serbekas so call Low Yat cause over thr all sell PC and HP. Met his friend who work thr any buy the Printer for himself and have lunch at Hotel cafe cause outside heavily Rain then Rest until 4pm, Edgar come and pick us to the Airport then back to Sibu..Tired trip but it Fun..hahaha..


Snap inside the Plane

While Waiting Listen to music & AIR ASIA Plane

OUR HOtel Room & view from the ROOM, BUS waiting for pick up to Rainforest Festival

Brooke's family Castle opposite the Towns