Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hi, I'm Jane Jessi Low Shi Wei. I'm 24 years old,I'm currently in Sibu, Sarawak working as Account Clerk Cum Administrative + Student + freelance model, staying with my Fiance and his family members.Here my life feel happy and Relax.I Luvs Shopping, Traveling, Reading Magazine, Squash, Clubbing, Watch Movies and A Lot more..Next year, will b going to kl for Professional in Make up. I oso Loves Branded product like Coach, LV, Dior, Swatch, Fossil, Levi's, and many more. Believe or not, I'm use to be 65 KG and now 52KG, Thanks to someone always supporting me. Change me a lot from Kampung girl seldom go to shopping, buy clothes for myself until become fashionable young gurl. Not because of him, i won't b knowing what i wish to do in my life... Lastly, i wish to tell him i loves him and I won't dissappointed him.

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