Thursday, July 24, 2008

My KuCh!Ng TrIp

Been to Kuching for the holiday for me while my fiance went for business trip..Had the Great time there and shopping too.. Our flight from Sibu at around 11.35am and arrive kch at 12.15pm. we had our b'fast at in flight. He order Roti Jala while i order Ham Sandwich.. the Food was Damn nice..haha..Arrive at airport, Edgar pick us up.He was my other half Best Friend.He bring us around during our trip at kuching. Around 8.30pm, my FSL arrive at Kuching by bus and join us. Next day, we go for shopping..haha..since Mega Sale, Even Thought no as Big at KL..but okie lar.. Then had the Dinner at Hornbill BBQ/Steamboat, while we order our drink suddenly some incident happen. One of the GAS suddenly Burn..EVERYONE RUN.. Luckily the worker quickly turn the Fire down..If not.. Like BOMB!!! will happen cause a few GAS was thr. Then plan to go to clubbing but everyone lazy liao..Soo back to hotel and pack some of our stuff cause tomorrow will go back to Sibu... Next day, go to Wisma Serbekas so call Low Yat cause over thr all sell PC and HP. Met his friend who work thr any buy the Printer for himself and have lunch at Hotel cafe cause outside heavily Rain then Rest until 4pm, Edgar come and pick us to the Airport then back to Sibu..Tired trip but it Fun..hahaha..


Snap inside the Plane

While Waiting Listen to music & AIR ASIA Plane

OUR HOtel Room & view from the ROOM, BUS waiting for pick up to Rainforest Festival

Brooke's family Castle opposite the Towns


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