Thursday, July 24, 2008

My L!fe

From the Historical City and seldom go to shopping mall buying things,BELIEVE!!! Big fat gurl and always not have confident with myself. Until i met someone, Someone who always there with me no matter i'm SAD or HAPPY. He been Patient with me during this few year. Always talk to me even thought i'm angry, stress, sad. He make me CONFIDENT. I'm no from a rich family..Simple Simple nia, Eldest in the Family, Juz' a Diploma Holder and oso LCCI Holder. My Dad own a Business B4 but Lately the company Bankrupt. I never angry with him eventhough he never have chance with our family.Until i heard HE GOT A SPARE TYRE OUTSIDE. I think His money all had given to that S**T Gal. But nevermind, the most important my mum and my bro sis happy. I'm had away from them past 5 yrs.They all r growing up liao. They know how to take k each other. Won't b longtime, i will build my own family and tat will be my new life. My other half family all are very warm and friendly. They had been taking of me this past 2 year at here. Working here, at Sibu as Account CLerk and oso currently, been freelance model. I loves My Job now and will go to KL next yr to study Professional Make Up..STILL LOOKING FOR ACEDEMY!!!hahaha :) NoW I will DO What i Wish TO DO. "THIS IS ME" And Will "START MY NEW LIFE"

Valentine Day on 2006

His Warm Kiss :)

My 1st Short Hair

Me and Him During our short Trip

Me at Love Garden During Valentine at Sunway

Flower From Him

We been 2gother for past few year

The Day i'm wearing the Gown, i'm the happiest gurl for myself

My New family, But Won't forget my own family They are always there with me even thought We Apart. Luv u'll

The day he proposed me, askin' me to be his Wife and my Answer To Him Was "YES. I DO"


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