Thursday, July 24, 2008

Studio Photoshoot

Last Sun, was the Busier ,tiring day and oso Most unforgettable day of my life...hahaha..Cause is my 1st time ever to become the Photoshoot model for the Newly Studio. I've been invited by the Owner, Ah Ling oso the Make up and Hair Do on tat day and Owner Fiance Friend from ShenZhen, his name is Chun Chun as my photographer on tat day. He done a great job and i love all the process from Make up, Hair Do until the Photos.. When i See my photo..OMG..I fall in love all the photo he taken.. I never expect i make it..Cause lastime i never give myself tat i dare to take photo like tat.. Always think i'm fat, no good smile, no photogenic..But keep on to b Freelance model on day..But Never dare to try..but Someone always there to supporting me no matter wat..He was the main purpose to give me a confident to b what i wish to be..Even thought no as good as the real model but for me..I've make it. And i believe i will do What i Love to do..No matter i get marry already but i will achieve what i wish to be. He will always there to support me. and I Luv u~ Here is some of my Photoshoot.

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