Monday, August 4, 2008

Hair Show By Boris & Brenda from Taipei, Taiwan

Yesterday 3/8/08, was my tiring day, i went to one of the saloon in Sibu, to meet up the taiwan hairstylist...they asked me to arrive at 1.30pm, i arrived 15min earlier....the Taiwan hairstylist Boris & Brenda reach at 3 smtg...i sit thr like stupid pig...(just kidding) cause i have no friend overthere...all local...i'm west malaysian as u guys no friend over here....but i nd to communicate wif them also seems we are one team...a bit scared at first...then i talked to them a bit bit lo....(u knw la smtg no topic to chat wif), i talked to one of the model (with a very long long hair) but they can't find any clothes that suit she can't participate in the show.From 15 gurl down to 12 gurl nia..So called like ANTM laminating.hahaha.then i'm alone again( Lonely..I'm Soo Lonely), no one to talk with..haiya, so frustrated...At first i was SoOo worry that i will b LaminatinG ( You're Fire) But..Who know, I been Choosen From PK..Haha..So Call One million star pulak.HeheHE...i'm glad and happy i have this great opportunity to let them change my hairstyle..i'm really proud....after they had our photoshoot, pick up clothes for us....then we straight away nd to dye our to dye 3 colours....i st in front the mirrors frm 5.30pm - goodness.Nevermind..It worth too..haha..They Are Funny and Friendly.. Philip come and wait outside. He talked to Brenda outside the Saloon..

Here the Photos Taken after color and long hair

My Veri first time i stayed in the saloon nearly 1 day....Then today i wake up at 6.48am..u knw y...(momo n nana lo) scratching at me ...wan food i waked up....then nd to go to work le...(tiring) no point la, if not they will gossip abt me...said can take leave easily, so i went to work nearly 1 hour + complete my job then i went back n prepared all my stuff.....then reach thr at 11am....then follow by face make up n clothes changing....3pm.....hohoho...Jessi going up to stage...a bit nervous...but thank God ,He is always with me....i tell myself to have self-confident...this is my first time ever experience...A lot from Different Saloon Came to the study the "New Product name MSK".This product had been experiment by Boris, and he found out a lot of good things owe by this newly product..Managed to met my friend husband, who was hair stylist and owner of the V image i do my best..I'm nt like other model that had a lot of experience but i try to do my best, b'cause i trust myself....Then after Meeting, Philip Managed to come and snap all the photos...He seat with his friends who was the hair stylist too.. Then Keep on snapping lor.. If not no photo to meet put here..hahaha.. After the Catwalk, take photo with the So call Hair stylist Student... . They did a execellence Hair Style..2nite they will flies to Penang for the next section with hair stylist at penang then KL and lastly Muar, Johor to talk about the new Product MSK.

Lastly, B4 go back home,Hug with Brenda and Boris and 2gother snap photo with both of them, they are My Superb Hair Stylist Ever and oso don't forget Flora, Boris Wife, she take k of us and the awesome dress for us.. Will go to visit them next year at Taipei.. :)

Me & Brenda

Boris & me

Me and Flora

Here Is their Hair Saloon Website :

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