Monday, September 1, 2008

Trip To Kanowit

Today is a meaningful day to me, this is the first time i join the church trip to kanowit...we went together with 24 participants together with Father Connors...the destination to Kanowit is 1H 15M....Father given us a talk abt ST. Paul....Father reminds us that we r the slave of sin, by the law of the spirit, it will help us, no matter what difficulties that we face, we must believe that God is thr to help us n guide us, we must pray to the holy spirit, its a powerful weapon for us...we must not put Jesus in the church n didnt bring him back together with Father mentioned ' Johnny went to church every Sunday, but Monday he nearly go to hell...meaning? Johnny is a sunday christian, he is very close with Jesus on Sunday, after the mass he put Jesus in the church, i didnt bring him back, on Monday, he commit sin, cause of no Jesus in his heart, so he deserve hell..when i heard this, i refresh back that i knw i cant b bad temper, i knw that wat is rite n wrong, but i still commit it...i knw its a sin, but i'm always repeating it, n now i knw i must change all my bad attitude,i have to manage to control my temper...i cant stand my lady boss, but wat i can do is just pray to the holy spirit, n i believe everythg will b fine n smooth....Lord Jesus, thanks for arranged this trip to us, i really learned a we sing a lot of hymms...i really enjoy it, the most i enjoyed is we recite the rosary n sing in the bus..i can feel that Jesus n Mother Mary is with us