Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life as married girl

Time gone soo fast and i been married for 6 month. As wife, it no easy as what everyone think. A lot of people think i got married and no need to work but they are wrong..I still need to work to help my mum and my brother and sister study. As the eldest daughter in the family is no easy. As my dad, his company had bankrupt due of something personal problem..I don't want to know either. Now I settle down at Malacca..I still can take care of them..But I will move to other place one day..Soo is time for them to take care of themselves.I can't keep on taking of them forever cause now i got my own family to take care with..My husband..He take care of me, Loves me..Always support me for what i do..Never complain..Currently, oso busy with my job.. and oso a quite a number of modeling casting a kl, so as Photo Shooting at kl too.. Sometimes feel like i need a lot of rest..Really don't have enough rest..After back from work, go to gym then bath, eat, on9 then zzz.. Next day, wake up early..clean the house, then go to work..Everyday the same..haha..Saturday..Wake up..Clean hse, go to church,go kai kai then back. Sunday??sometimes rest..but need to do housework again..haii..Cause it seem like my house ppl don know how to clean the house..soo i have to clean the house to help my dad...NEVER CLEAN HOUSE..My brother n Sister lagi no nd to BOSS..MY HUBBY..SOMETIMES HELP..HAHA..JUST IMAGINE, NEXTIME WITHOUT ME AT THIS HOUSE..DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPEN..DON BOTHER TO KNOW..LAZY!!! My parent in law, they treat be very nice..they had treated me as their own daughter for this two year when i stay at sibu,sarawak. They are the best ever in law i ever had..haha..Now i need to know how to cook bfast,lunch and dinner for my cook b4..Now started learning.. Must be good wife mar..haha..Sooo this is my new life as wife..hehe..Still Go Clubbing..Oh yeah..Still go..haha...Never Miss.. lol

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