Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A new Beginning!!! Welcome Back Jessi Jane. Haa

GREETING & GENKI DESUKA to all of you . Happy can blog again..HaHa.It been quite sometimes after i end up my previous blog due of BUSY Working, Shooting, Event and also Preparing for my "BIG DAY". After rest for few month and here i am again.I am back with a new life. Currently, settle up at Malacca.Don't know will move to where again. Let's forget it 1st..muahaha!!! Miss my two little daughter SOO much, MM AND NANA...Mummy MISS YOU HERE ..Wish can bring them here..BUT mum don't like dog..Haiz~

Currently, Working at Malacca as Account Executive and also Freelance model..As usual, working alone at office..i'm the soo call boss.HAHA..Really mar..Cause i know more things then the boss..They know nothing just know how to talk rubbish..Don't care lar..most important money can come to me that all..haha... Anywhere..happy to b back as inactive blogger..When feel bored at office or home..Now i can spend my time on blogging... Muacks!!!

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